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Exotic Flowers For A Change: Surprising Your Girl With Wild Blooms

Forget classic red roses and delicate pink tulips. If you want to surprise your girl, veer away from your usual offering and give her something that she couldn’t just grow in her own backyard. You don’t need to think of any novelty gift item, just send her exotic flowers. Those may not be what she normally expects of you to give but that’s exactly the point.

Women love flowers. And there’s no reason why you should stop giving her a bouquet every week or so. But while she adores the red roses you surprise her with every time you see each other, the flowers become a routine. She may think that you are doing it just because you are already used to the gesture. The sizzle in your romance may start to fizzle any time soon if even the sweetest gesture starts to feel like a routine or a duty in your relationship.

Giving her flowers is nice, and is something that she will forever appreciate. But giving her exotic flowers far from the dainty and sweet pink blossoms she receives is a gesture that will definitely surprise her and jumpstart the pulse in your relationship. Who knows, that may just be exactly what you need these days.

Surprising Her With Exotic Flowers

You know what your girl wants. You give her the sweetest bouquets of roses every time you get a chance to. While that is sweet and romantic, what she needs may be a little variety every now and then.

But don’t just thrust these exotic blooms onto her hands. How about make it anonymous. Just at first, mind you. Of course she needs to know it is from you eventually. Since she expects the usual mellow variety from you, she will be taken aback by the wild and colorful blooms sent to her by courier. Don’t leave your name on the card just yet. Keep sending her these bouquets anonymously and just reveal your identity when you go on an adventure date. That will show off your wild and fun side.

Exotic flowers can mean wild and crazy love. You may love her in an achingly sweet way, but you can also show her how passionate you are for her. With a pleasant surprise like that, she will think she has the best of both worlds in a man: the sweet and romantic side and the wild and sexy side.

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